Finance and Escrow

Insights on mortgages, escrow, and financial strategies for buyers and sellers.

Finance and Escrow Interview About Appraisals with Anthony Young from Valued Audit This interview is with Anthony Young with Valued Audit. Anthony is a San Francisco Bay Area appraiser. Anthony has amassed over two decades of experience as a leader in the appraisal industry, garnering a wealth of knowledge in the field. Over the course of his tenure, he has navigated various valuation challenges, from evaluating multi-million […]
Finance and Escrow David Sciplin’s with Bryan Russell from First Bank In this video, David sits down with Bryan Russel with First Bank. Bryan discusses how he takes care of his clients by offering excellent service. View Bryan’s contact and his online presence. Don’t forget to learn more about me at the following online locations. Please Like and Subscribe:
Finance and Escrow David Sciplin’s Interview with Esther Chien from the Loan Story This is an interview with Esther Chien from the Loan Story. Esther talks about the interesting meaning behind the company’s name. Esther also talks about critical next on Condo buying.
Finance and Escrow Why Mortgage Rates Could Continue To Decline Why Mortgage Rates Could Continue To Decline When you read about the housing market, you’ll probably come across some information about inflation or recent decisions made by the Federal Reserve (the Fed). But how do those two things impact you and your homebuying plans? Here’s what you need to know. The Federal Funds Rate Hikes Have Stalled One of the […]
Finance and Escrow David Sciplin interview with Roseanna from US Bank David Sciplin interviews Roseanna Ceballo-Riddle with US Bank. This is a general conversation about mortgages in today’s real estate market.  
Finance and Escrow David’s Interview with Melissa from Cornerstone Title In this video, David interviews Melissa about what’s going on with escrow. Topics discussed include what is escrow, buyer deposits, deposit timelines and who to talk to when there’s an issue.
Finance and Escrow What is a Housing Co-op? I was looking at homes for sale and saw a really nice condo. Reading the private notes, I learned the property was a Co-op. I managed Co-ops for 12-years when I moved to California. I’m very familiar with how they work. Since you’re not actually buying the unit, financing is very hard to come by. […]
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