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Accredited Buyer’s Representation (ABR)


The ABRâ designation is only awarded to licensed real estate professionals who complete specialized training that gives them the edge in understanding a buyer's perspective and protecting and promoting their buyer-clients' interests. Before earning the ABRâ designation, buyer's reps must also demonstrate proven experience in representing buyers. Further, they are committed to maintaining their professional edge by staying current on the latest issues and trends in buyer representation.

In addition to knowing the dynamics of the local market, REALTORSâ with the ABRâ designation understand the special needs of buyers. They have additional knowledge and experience that takes them a step beyond an agent who only concentrates on listing property for sellers. An ABRâ can provide you with valued assistance throughout the transaction and help you make informed decisions that will lead to a successful home purchase.

Not all buyer's representatives are equal. Only a buyer's rep who has earned the Accredited Buyer's Representative designation has made the extra effort to raise the bar, with additional training and experience. If you work with an ABRâ, you can feel confident that you'll receive the highest level of buyer-representation services.

There are several things you need to do in order to be a successful home buyer. The more you do in advance, the more prepared you will be in securing a home. My role when working with buyers is as a mentor, coach and educator. My goal is to provide the knowledge and information you need to become a successful buyer.

When working with me, a few things to look forward to include:

* Sitting with you to review the home buying process.

* Taking the time to understand who you are and what you’re looking for.

* Completing my Buyer Questionnaire to better understand what you're looking for.

* Taking the time to explain the purchase contract and related documents.

* Providing detailed comps to assist you in determining your offer price.

* Negotiating the offer and contract.

Manage the process after you’re in contract to make sure things happen on time. Coordinating lending, escrow, your contingencies and the other side can make the difference between moving into your new home and watching someone else buy it.

Preparing you with the final steps needed to move into your new home.

During the process of searching for a home, sometimes things can get nerve racking. Anxiety starts to set in and you may question why you're going through all this. Trust me, this is normal. Especially when you're buying when the market is hot and challenging for buyers. Remain flexible in what you want and you'll find what you're looking for.

Check Out New Construction Homes

Picture this: a blank canvas painted exclusively for you, tailored to your every need, adorned with the newest appliances and amenities, and created with the most advanced building methods. This is not a dream, but the reality of purchasing a new construction home in today's low inventory housing market. Here's why you should make new construction your first choice:

Your Home, Your Way: The beauty of new construction is the ability to customize your home according to your tastes and preferences. From the choice of paint on your walls to the finishes in your kitchen, every inch of your home reflects you.

Cutting-Edge Comforts: New construction homes come equipped with the latest technologies and modern appliances, providing you with an unparalleled living experience. They're designed for today's lifestyle, with considerations for home offices, energy efficiency, and smart home technology.

Sustainable and Energy-Efficient: New homes are built with the latest energy-efficient materials and systems, which not only help save the planet but also your monthly utility bills.

Fewer Surprise Repairs: With everything brand new, you don't have to worry about sudden repair costs or replacement of older systems that you may encounter with an existing home.

New Home Warranties: Most new construction homes come with a builder's warranty that covers the cost of certain repairs for a specified time, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

In a time of low inventory for existing homes, stepping into a new construction home offers a refreshing alternative. It's more than just a home; it's a lifestyle choice for those who value quality, customization, and modern comfort. Embark on the journey of creating a home that is uniquely yours – a place that is a perfect reflection of your aspirations. Choose new construction and shape the future of your living experience.

Start you search for new homes below and PLEASE contact me before physically visiting any communities.

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What My Clients Say

Read how I built trust, show my experience, expertise and care for the people I work with.

Knowledgeable and professional!

"David Sciplin is a fantastic agent. He is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market and knows all the intricate details involved in buying a home. David is also very professional and communicates each step of the way. We could not have found a house without his expertise!"

Ian & Anne B.

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Amazing Service and Unparallel knowledge

"This is the second time we've used David as our realtor, as he has provided such great knowledge and was extremely helpful. David always researches homes before we tour them and put in a bid - so he comes prepared for before we visit for a tour. He will routinely bring up good items to consider that are instrumental before considering purchasing a home - such as whether the house is overpriced for the neighborhood, potential repair or maintenance costs for unexpected items, and any items to consider with the county or city in which the home is located.

During the escrow process, he is proactive when reaching out to the seller's agent to ensure that the process is on time, and and hiccups are smoothed out.

After closing, he was also great at giving us insights on how to move forward with any outstanding items, or any required documentation with the city.

I definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor!"

Brennan L.

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Great experience with a knowledgeable and caring Realtor

"Dave is very knowledgeable of the south Bay and east Bay areas. As a new comer to this area, I did my on-line research and found out that Dave provided a deeper understanding and caring of my objective. He also offered various help in explaining certain subjects that I was not familiar with, for example, HOA and CA taxes. I would recommend Dave to anyone who is moving to Bay area in California!"

Julius W.

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I can't recommend David enough. Definitely...

"I can't recommend David enough. Definitely would work with him again. From getting quotes from roofing companies when trying to help me understand how expensive a potential issue was, to save me from buying a house in a loud neighborhood, not only he was very responsive the whole time he was helping me, he always went above and beyond. 10/10"

Carlos C.

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"David has been very helpful to me in find a good home in the BayArea where the market is very tough for new buyers. He has excellent knowledge of the area where he has been in the same business for many years. During our home buying process, he was very prompt in arranging the documents to be signed, sending offers and following up which is crucial when buying home with multiple offers on it. He is polite, patient and always good person to talk to. I would highly recommend him due to my experience."

Muhammad J.

Verified by Zillow

"David is very knowledgeable and has years of experience. It was easy to trust him the moment I met him. He also had no problem working around my schedule. As a first time home buyer I had many questions and he was quick to answer them. Once he knew what type of home I was looking for he only sent me those and didn't waste my time with others. His friendly yet professional persona made it easy to trust his recommendations when putting an offer on a home. Thanks to David I am now a homeowner."

Juan M.

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Check out my interactive buyer introduction to get the basics of how I can help you buy a home.

After watching a webinar on "How to be the local expert", I wrote a book back to help people like you understand the details of buying a home. The book covers what to do and what to expect before and during the buying process. I provide a free copy to my clients who are actively looking for a home.

If you're not buying now and want to learn the steps to buying a home, I also have copies for sale for $14.95 + shipping & handling. Email or text for a copy. I accept Zelle, CashAp and Venmo for payment.

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