"It's time to own your dreams"

There are several things you need to do in order to be a successful home buyer. The more you do in advance, the more prepared you will be in securing a home. My role when working with buyers is as a mentor, coach and educator. My goal is to provide the knowledge and information you need to become a successful buyer.

When working with me, a few things to look forward to include:

* Sitting with you to review the home buying process.

* Taking the time to understand who you are and what you’re looking for.

* Completing my Buyer Questionnaire to better understand what you're looking for.

* Taking the time to explain the purchase contract and related documents.

* Providing detailed comps to assist you in determining your offer price.

* Negotiating the offer and contract.

Manage the process after you’re in contract to make sure things happen on time. Coordinating lending, escrow, your contingencies and the other side can make the difference between moving into your new home and watching someone else buy it.

Preparing you with the final steps needed to move into your new home.

During the process of searching for a home, sometimes things can get nerve racking. Anxiety starts to set in and you may question why you're going through all this. Trust me, this is normal. Especially when you're buying when the market is hot and challenging for buyers. Remain flexible in what you want and you'll find what you're looking for.

Check out my interactive buyer introduction to get the basics of how I can help you buy a home.

After watching a webinar on "How to be the local expert", I wrote a book back to help people like you understand the details of buying a home. The book covers what to do and what to expect before and during the buying process. I provide a free copy to my clients who are actively looking for a home.

If you're not buying now and want to learn the steps to buying a home, I also have copies for sale for $14.95 + shipping & handling. Email or text for a copy. I accept Zelle, CashAp and Venmo for payment.

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