Home Selling Tips November 1, 2023

New Book – Guide to Selling a Home, After the Owner Passed Away

Selling a family home after the passing of a loved one is a monumental task, both emotionally and logistically. “Guide to Selling a Home, After the Owner Passed Away” is the essential handbook for this intricate process. Drawing from firsthand experiences, David provides a roadmap to maximize the financial gift. Written primarily for the California market, the book offers insights into the process of managing the estate, initiating the legal process, questions to ask when hiring attorneys and real estate agents and the lessor known property tax implications of California’s Prop-19. Also included are stories sellers faced while handling the process of selling the family home. For anyone entrusted with this responsibility, whether a grieving family member or an estate executor, this guide is a beacon, ensuring the preservation and enhancement of generational wealth through wise real estate decisions.